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The Kyrgyz Republic is quite simply one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Some say it's the Switzerland of Asia, and they are probably correct!

The Mountains of Heaven that stretch across its length and breadth are lush and green, high and wild, dissected by sweeping steppe lands, primal forests, crystal streams and turquoise lakes. And far away, scratching the belly of the endless sky, is a never-changing vista of lofty snow-capped peaks, which until a decade ago, were strictly off-limits.

Kyrgyzstan contains several mountains over 7000 metres, glaciers, deserts, alpine meadows, forests, over 2000 lakes; and a third of the country is permanently covered in snow. But despite the immense natural beauty of this landlocked Central Asian, Silk Road republic, it is the people themselves that bring Kyrgyzstan to life, and on all our personalised experiences you will stay with local families with whom we have developed special friendships.

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