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All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

6 Day Vietnam Express

6 Days, from AU $1,142

Jetset through Vietnam visiting the must-see attractions of Hanoi and Saigon in six days flat!

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Highlights of Vietnam

10 Days, from AU $1,816

Starting in the bustling metropolis of Saigon, explore the Cu Chi Tunnels and the fascinating waterways of the tropical Mekong Delta with this 10-days trip through Vietnam!

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Highlights of Cambodia

7 Days, from AU $1,224

Experience the Highlights of Cambodia as you travel to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Visit Phnom Penh's attractions before exploring the highlights of the fabled city of Angkor, eighth wonder of the world and home to Angkor Wat.

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Classic Yunnan

8 Days, from AU $3,259

The Yunnan province has an unmatched diversity of landscapes and peoples, from the high Tibetan fringes in the northwest to the tropical rainforests on the borders of Burma and Vietnam.

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Discovery of Thailand, Malaysia & Borneo by land and sea

17 Days, from AU $6,595

Visit the pristine islands, hidden waterfalls and laidback villages scattered along the Andaman Sea between Phuket and Penang and travel to Borneo, leaving urban life behind.

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North Vietnam Coastal Cruising

8 Days, from AU $2,860

Discover Hue, Hanoi, Halong Bay and the pristine Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

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The Brahmaputra

8 Days, from AU $3,906

Explore the natural beauty of Assam with our 8-day itinerary cruise. Discover the mystical Brahmaputra River, one of the largest rivers in the world, and enjoy the amazing wildlife.

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The Lower Ganges

8 Days, from AU $2,700

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in India with our 8-day cruise along the Lower Ganges. Discover magnificent landscapes, ancient traditions and more.

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Cruise the Laos Mekong

11 Days, from AU $3,780

Embark on the Laos Mekong Adventure and visit Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Jungle & Villages and cross the notorious Golden Triangle between Thailand and Burma.

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Ganges Cruise - City of Light

8 Days, from AU $2,203

Enjoy 8 days aboard your cruise ship travelling upstream the Ganges river from Patna to Varanasi, the "City of Light". Explore history and stunning nature along the way, and be charmed by the beauty of the Ganges.

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Ganges Cruise - Historic Hugli

8 Days, from AU $2,204

Embark to a 9 day adventure along the Ganges River. Visit different mosques, the gardens of Kushbagh, tombs and palaces, learn how to make Brass vessels and learn about the religions and traditions practiced in India. A fantastic journey for history-interested explorers.

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Island Cruising in Thailand and Malaysia

8 Days, from AU $1,847

Visit the pristine islands, hidden waterfalls and laidback villages scattered along the Andaman Sea between Phuket and Penang

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Ganges Cruise Encompassed

7 Days, from AU $3,158

This 7 day Ganges Encompassed tour will lead you downstream the Ganges from Patna to Kolkata in West Bengal. This cruise offers a fantastic way to get to know the country and its history, with many sights to visit while enjoying a wonderful view from the water.

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Assam Cruise

8 Days, from AU $2,964

Assam is a land of Nature situated at the extreme North-East of India. Discover its mesmerising natural beauty and rich cultural heritage with our 8-day cruise.

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The Upper Ganges

15 Days, from AU $6,399

Explore India’s most famous river and see the best the Upper Ganges River has to offer with our 15-day cruise. Visit wonderful mosques, palaces, temples and interact with the locals.

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Cruise the Irrawaddy - The Golden Land

11 Days, from AU $5,437

Experience the best of diverse Burma (Myanmar) sailing through its centre. From lush plantations in Prome, to Bagan’s heritage temples, concluding in the hustle and bustle of beautiful Mandalay.

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Cruise the Mekong - Between Phnom Penh and Saigon

5 Days, from AU $2,216

A short, yet all-encompassing cruise takes you from the bustling, food infused streets of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, via a tribal village and backwater canals, to the amalgamation of old and new in Saigon, Vietnam.

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Cruise the Mekong - Between Siem Reap and Saigon

8 Days, from AU $3,709

From the ancient ruins of Siem Reap, to the captivating culture of Phnom Penh and concluding with the fascinating old meets new in Saigon, your luxury cruise also takes in rural villages for a diverse and enriching journey.

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Indonesian Island Cruise

8 Days, from AU $3,145

Discover the spectacular sun-kissed isles tucked away east of Bali.

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Cruise the Upper Irrawaddy - Mandalay to Bagan

8 Days, from AU $2,655

Experience Burma’s (Myanmar) historically rich cities, Bagan and Mandalay with their impressive Buddhist monuments. Cruise in luxury between the cities, visiting and exploring small towns en route.

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Jewels of Raja Ampat

10 Days, from AU $7,916

Starting and ending in Sorong, West Papua, our itinerary will take you on a cruise through the natural splendour of Raja Ampat, home to the most bio-diverse coral reefs in the world.

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Dances, Dragons & Magical Lakes

8 Days, from AU $4,270

Immerse yourself in the Komodo National Park and Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands from an intimate perspective, cruising through a panorama of islands and encountering new wonders on a daily basis.

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Chengdu, Guilin and Highlights

8 Days, from AU $1,263

Explore the two wonderful Chinese provinces of Chengdu and Guilin on this 8-day itinerary

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