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Get About Asia accommodation is handpicked with options available from the bare essentials to luxury and boutique. Although accommodation of all standards can be great value in Asia, quality control can be lacking and care must be taken. For this reason all our accommodation is regularly tested and any negative feedback acted upon.

Where appropriate accommodation should add to the authentic travel experience as well as providing enjoyment. Especially outside the major cities, we look for properties that include a unique experience and add something special to your holiday, including traditional accommodation, beach resorts, jungle huts, river cruise ships and eco lodges.

At GetAboutAsia we believe that accommodation adds a lot to the whole holiday experience, and the time taken to source the perfect collection, is time well spent. Providing multiple accommodation options also ensures that your budget and comfort expectations are met.

Use this accommodation key to help you plan your trip 

Standard = Comfortable property with dependable facilities and service
Superior = Upmarket property with above average facilities and service
Deluxe   = Luxurious property with impeccable facilities and servic

Contact our Asia Travel Experts to discuss the detail of your travel ideas and let us tailor a trip of a lifetime for you. 

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"The planning process was excellent resulting in a truly outstanding vacation to China, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam tailor made for us. We travelled on 16 aircraft, 15 boats, 4 bullet trains & various bicycles, tuk-tuks etc, had 14 tour guides & everything went exactly as planned - a significant achievement & very impressive! Thanks to your recommendations we visited places off the beaten track, which really made it feel like an adventure rather than just a holiday. Many thanks - we'll definitely be booking our return trip with GetAboutAsia!" — Nigel & Annie Dale, Berkshire UK, April 2016

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