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Tour a land of ancient traditions, captivating landscapes, fascinating cultures and home to a fifth of the world’s population. This holiday will introduce you to a vast and beautiful country of contrasts in landscape, climate and culture. Peaceful monastery villages survive on the outskirts of expanding modern super-cities. A place where ancient Confucius philosophy is comfortably wedded to modern economic theory.

Travel to the Limestone peaks, which rise poetically from the still water as if portrayed in an intricate traditional Chinese painting. Glide along the Li river in Guilin alongside fishermen on bamboo rafts and marvel at the breathtaking natural beauty. Or cruise down the mighty Yangtze river, passing rice terraced hillsides and Buddhist pagodas.

Beijing has been China’s capital for over eight hundred years. Home to a wealth of iconic sights such as the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, and to numerous Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties it should not be missed in any China holiday package! 

Admire the ultra-modern glitz of Shanghai’s skyscraper cityscape with its up market boutiques and shopping malls. Visit the Giant Panda Research Base, Marvel at the life sized Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an or relax in a traditional tea house.

China is a country on the move; a country with an ancient history and a hugely promising future. And there has never been a better time to visit this incredible country.

For an authentic China holiday experience with your own private local guides in each location and travelling in comfort and style, experience China your way, with the leader in private Asia travel - GetAboutAsia. We also offer small group tours designed for a lower budget or solo travellers who still seek for an authentic experience! Contact your Asia Travel Expert now.

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China Tour Itineraries

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

Highlights of China with Yangtze Cruise

13 Days, from AU $4,747

Travel from Beijing to Shanghai, including a luxury Yangtze River Cruise. Experience the Forbidden Palace, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors , and cruise the mighty Yangtze, ending in Shanghai.

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Highlights of Guizhou

8 Days, from AU $3,336

Visit Guiyang, the capital as well the largest city of Guizhou Province and the many surrounding beautiful ancient towns before discovering one of the most well-known areas of minority cultures, Kaili.

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Highlights of China

10 Days, from AU $3,810

Travel from Beijing to Shanghai. Explore Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden Palace and the Great Wall, and Xian with its Terracotta Warriors. Discover the majesty of Guilin's wilderness scenery and end your trip in Shanghai.

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Classic China

15 Days, from AU $4,966

Travel from Beijing and the Great Wall, to Xian with its army of Terracotta Warriors, visit Chengdu Panda Research Base, Guilin's wilderness scenery, relaxing Yangshuo and end in Shanghai.

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Classic Western China Journey

11 Days, from AU $5,100

Western China is more than just cute Pandas! Enjoy snowy mountain peaks, rapid white waters, ancient block towers as well as colourful prayer flags.

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Classic Yunnan

8 Days, from AU $3,259

The Yunnan province has an unmatched diversity of landscapes and peoples, from the high Tibetan fringes in the northwest to the tropical rainforests on the borders of Burma and Vietnam.

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Discovery of Beijing, Xian & Guilin

12 Days, from AU $3,544

Discover Beijing, Xian and Guilin at their best in this twelve day adventure including the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, Guilin's watery wilderness scenery, Yangshuo and Longsheng.

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Discovery of China

21 Days, from AU $6,935

Discover China in this twenty one day adventure from Beijing, to Xian, Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng. Make friends at Chengdu Panda Research Base before cruising the mighty Yangtze River, and end your trip in Shanghai.

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Best of China in a small group tour

12 Days, from AU $3,199

Capture the spirit of China on this 12-day tour from Shanghai to Beijing. Along the way, discover how China’s many contrasts make it one of the world’s most intriguing places.

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China Family Group Trip

14 Days, from AU $3,235

Take the family on a memorable adventure through China to see all sides of this colourful, cultural and naturally beautiful nation. The perfect blending of the familiar and the novel, marvel at the incredible Great Wall of China and Terracotta Warriors, get lost in the quiet beauty of Yangshuo and be dazzled by the colourful markets and nightlife of the big cities.

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Kenting Beach Escape in a Small Group

3 Days, from AU $207

Escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and relax on the beaches of Kenting on this 3 day, 2 night tour.

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Taiwan Express

5 Days, from AU $990

Jetset through Taiwan visiting the must-see attractions in five days flat! If you’re on a tight schedule but still want an introduction to Taiwan, this itinerary is perfect for you.

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Taiwan Real Food Adventure in a Small Group Tour

9 Days, from AU $2,850

Taste the many flavours of Taiwan, from Taipei and Tainan, to Yilan and beyond

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Taiwan Formosa in a Small Group

7 Days, from AU $1,860

Over the course of the 7-day trip around the island, you will visit the most featured places in Taiwan.

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Luxury Yangtzi Explorer Cruise

4 Days, from AU $2,343

Embark on the most luxury ship on the Yangtze river. Enjoy our 4-day cruise from Chongqing to Yichang, inclusive of shore excursion to Fuling, Shennong Stream and the Three Gorges Dam Project. Relax yourself and appreciate the beauty of this river.

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Short Private Yangtze River Tour

4 Days, from AU $1,490

The Yangtze River has been the inspiration of poets and painters, and a centre for Chinese commerce, for millennia. Your luxury cruise ship sails through the dramatic scenery of the Three Gorges and includes exciting shore excursions .

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Flavours of China - Culinary Delight

12 Days, from AU $5,163

How better to dive into a new culture than by learning about its food? You will not only cook and try the best regional cuisines but also get to know locals, old traditions and discover some of Chinas’ most iconic sights.

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Short Private Yellow Mountain (Huangshan) Tour

4 Days, from AU $1,347

Beautiful Yellow Mountain is famous for spectacular and dramatic scenery. Hike amongst imposing peaks and spectacular rock formations. Witness mountaintop islands in the sea of clouds. Truly breathtaking and unique.

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Legend of the Silk Road

11 Days, from AU $5,467

Explore the old Silk Road between Xian and Urumqi and get carried away by the history and beauty on the way - truly an experience in travelling back in time.

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Short Private Zhangjiajie Tour

3 Days, from AU $1,126

Do you remember the Amazing Landscapes in the Avatar movie? Discover the amazing landscape that served as the visual inspiration for the movie- Zhangjiajie.

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Short Private Lhasa Tour

4 Days, from AU $1,447

Mountain locked and remote, Lhasa has a thousand years of cultural and spiritual history. The Tibetan capital is surrounded with a romance and mystique that captures the imagination like few other cities in the world.

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Short Private Beijing Tour

5 Days, from AU $1,011

Beijing has served as the capital of China for over eight hundred years and is home to the sprawling Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and a short trip to the Great Wall.

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Short Private Hong Kong Tour

4 Days, from AU $1,503

Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous region in the south of China known for its deep natural harbour and expansive city skyline. Formerly a British colony, Hong Kong is a major international transport hub and makes for a fabulous stopover destination.

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Short Private Chengdu Tour

3 Days, from AU $852

Chengdu is located in the fertile plains of China’s Sichuan Province and home to the Chengdu Panda Research Base, the best place in the world to get up close and personal with these adorable animals.

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Short Private Harbin Ice Festival Tour

4 Days, from AU $2,479

Between December and February each year, artists come to freezing Harbin and create huge, impressive ice sculptures. This creates an incredible spectacle, particularly when lit up at night.

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Short Private Guilin Tour

4 Days, from AU $932

Guilin is one of the most picturesque areas in China, famous for majestic karts of limestone towering above the crystal clear waters of the Li River. With its inspirational natural beauty, this is a must-see region of China.

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China South of the Clouds

8 days Days, from AU $2,179

This itinerary will lead you through some of the most stunning scenery China has to offer - deep valleys surrounded by mountain ranges, small villages between colorful fields, rolling hills and red fields and the world famous Stone Forest. 8 days in the South of China that will leave you speechless, and your camera full.

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Great Wall Hiking

9 Days, from AU $3,296

Explore the most recognizable symbol of China: the famous Great Wall. Hike the fabulous monument with our 9-day itinerary, discover all its secrets and marvel at amazing sceneries. Visit Beijing, the stunning capital of china, and the East Qing Tombs.

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China Express

8 Days, from AU $2,730

Jetset through China visiting the must-see attractions in eight days flat! If you're on a tight schedule and you want to be whisked around without any fuss, this is the China itinerary for you.

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Short Private Shanghai Tour

4 Days, from AU $915

Shanghai is China's largest and most prosperous city. Coming to prosperity as a trading concession for European and North American merchants, today the city is one of the world's greatest trading hubs and financial centres.

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China with Family

10 Days, from AU $2,826

Explore the Great Wall, visit an Acrobatic Show, enjoy ancient temples and much more travelling China with your family - hassle-free.

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Luxury Private Culture Tour

15 Days, from AU $7,978

Discover our 15-day unique and luxury itinerary across China. Travel from Beijing to Shanghai and immerse yourself in the fascinating Chinese culture. It’s the only culture in the world to have a continuous recorded history of 5,000 years. Explore the Chonghua Palace, enjoy a cooking class, take photo with the Giant Panda and more.

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Short Private Xian Tour

3 Days, from AU $878

Xian was the capital of China throughout a number of important dynasties and was once the largest city in the world. Xian's well preserved city walls and the world famous Terracotta Warriors provide a glimpse into the city's past.

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Nanjing, Hangzhou and Highlights

9 Days, from AU $3,570

Dive into the history of China by exploring Nanjing and Hangzhou on this 9-day itinerary.

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Chengdu, Guilin and Highlights

8 Days, from AU $1,263

Explore the two wonderful Chinese provinces of Chengdu and Guilin on this 8-day itinerary

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Multi-Country Tour Itineraries with China

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

Classic Tibet

9 Days, from AU $2,922

Locked in its mountain fortress of the Himalayas, Tibet has long exercised a unique hold on the imagination of people the world over. It's only recently that outsiders have had open access to visit this amazing region.

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The Mekong: From Laos to China

15 Days, from AU $6,104

An incredible, pioneering 14-night river expedition discovering charming villages, stunning scenery, pristine jungle, the Golden Triangle and the very different emerald green Mekong in China's Yunnan province.

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The Trans-Siberian Adventure

15 Days, from AU $7,156

The legendary Trans- Siberian train is definitely the most popular train journey in the world. Experience the endless steppes and wilderness of Mongolia, bustling city of Beijing and blue pearl of Russia, the lake Baikal.

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Silk Road Explorer

16 Days, from AU $4,547

The Silk Road cities of Kashgar, Samarkand and Bukhara were famed trading centres in ancient times. Discover magnificent architecture and bustling bazaars on this spectacular journey to the heart of Central Asia.

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Trans-Siberian Railway: Beijing to Moscow

19 Days, from AU $9,406

Travelling across the breadth of China, Mongolia and Russia on board the Trans Siberian and Mongolian railways is a must. For sheer distance, intrigue and the sense of personal satisfaction, no other train journey comes anywhere near it.

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"We have had a wonderful start to our adventure. Everything has worked really well, the guides and drivers have been great, the hotels better than our expectations. The itinerary has been varied and interesting with a good mix of culture, history and nature. The hotels have all been very comfortable and centrally located. Overall, lunch has been of an extremely high quality and varied and each guide, Jenny, LuLu and David, went out of their way to ensure we were well looked after at all times. Once again, thank for putting together the first part of this adventure, and please pass our thanks on to the local teams. " — Mr and Mrs Cumming, , April 2019

"Had a fantastic time! Hotel is good - fantastic weather yesterday for the Wall - our guide Grace is terrific - it’s less crowded than I thought it would be - smoggy though but fascinating." — Mr Doddridge, Melbourne, March 2019

"China was incredible. Thanks so much for looking after us. Our guide (Grace) was amazing, and we had lots to do each day. The best bit was the wall walking. The children loved it too. I suffered a bit with a height (the children weren't bothered at all) but wouldn't swap it for anything. The views were incredible - an unforgettable experience overall. " — English family, Brisbane, December 2018

"Our guide, Li, in Beijing was exceptional, so knowledgeable, caring, helpful, a pure delight. We had the most exquisite Peking Duck banquet for our 50th Wedding anniversary, just delightful. Our guide, Maggie, met us in Xian with lovely red roses for our anniversary. Our guide, Summer, in Guilin met us with a Mr and Mrs toy Panda, which was lovely. The staff had made the towels into two beautiful swans on our bed and strewn rose petals in the shape of an heart around them, also lovely. We loved Beijing. We loved Xian and the Terra Cotta Warriors. We thought Guilin was beautiful and loved the location of our hotel, The Bravo. We absolutely loved Hangzhou. Overall we were really happy, and will never forget our trip to China. " — Mr and Mrs Harrison, Mooroolbark, VIC, September 2018

"It all went well and was a most enjoyable trip. Every day in China was an eye opener and such a dramatic change since I worked there back in 1980. All arrangements, hire cars, guides and hotel bookings all went perfectly. Very impressed with service and experience. " — Mr and Mrs Clark, Bribie Island, May 2018

"It is one of the best trips we ever had and that we could not fault anything. At my age it’s hard for anything to wow me but this trip definitely did. We were impressed with the trip in China and drivers and guides." — Mr and Mrs Harris, Gold Coast, April 2018

"Sadly our Asia adventure of Myanmar, China, Tibet and Taiwan is drawing to a close. We have enjoyed every minute of our time away and the places we have visited, each of which is unique in their own special and memorable ways. Taiwan has been varied and interesting from orderly Taipei, especially when compared to the larger cities in China, to the peace and serenity of Sun Moon Lake and the green and mountains of Taroko Gorge. Sun Moon Lake was the highlight for us, a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of cities. Michael our guide has been wonderful and our appreciation of Taiwan, its history and people, is now far greater thanks to him. Michael also suggested a fabulous dumpling restaurant where we had really yummy lunch. Thanks to you, the Asia team and Get About for arranging a very memorable holiday for us. The itinerary, guides, drivers, accommodation and inclusions were of a high standard. We have felt safe and well looked after at all times. And best of all we feel this holiday was definitely value for money. We look forward to our planned India adventure next year." — John and Viv Cumming, Sydney, November 2017

"The non-restored old parts of the wall were by far the most amazing part of the trip! I think even one day trekking an old section is totally worth it for anyone going to the Great Wall of China . It’s such a different feel to the touristy restored sections. The trek was amazing and we loved everything about it. Calf muscles were happily burning!!!" — Catherine & James, Sydney & Scotland, October 2017

"China should be on your travel list, if you want the wow factor, enjoy history, culture, diversity and wonderful people & food. Getabout Asia will exceed all expectations with planning your trip. Here is a picture at the Longsheng rice fields - fantastic!" — Mr & Mrs Jones, Darwin , September 2017

"We really enjoyed GuiLin and Ning was a wonderful guide. Everything was good from accommodation close to the lake, dinner at McFound, wine from the supermarket that we took to the restaurant each night. Then there was the Li River cruise and light show and the rice terraces - all so memorable. Ning suggested an evening cruise in the lake which we did and really enjoyed. Very colourful. The city tour day (Reed Flute Cave, etc) was good and welcome after two rather longish days. GuiLin is a place we could have spent an extra day wandering around by ourselves. Great adventure!" — Mr and Mrs Cumming, Sydney, October 2017

"We are off on our train to Mongolia for Trans Siberian but wanted to tell you we loved Beijing China. Amanda and Mr Yu were our guide and driver respectively. Both were excellent." — Mr and Mrs Cameron, WA , May 2017

"We're really happy with the feeling of a private tour. Thank you very much for advising it. We've seen some great places so far and the guides are very friendly. The shows we've seen so far were really entertaining and we've seen pandas in Chengdu, they are really cute." — Mr and Mrs Moore, Sunshine Coast, April 2017

"From the time we landed in China to the time we left, we had the best time. All your Guides are a credit to your company, their knowledge, manners, and genuine caring was Fantastic. Highlights, where do I start, the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, the Longmen Caves, Reed flute cave, and who could forget the Li River or the stone Forrest in Kunming. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone we know who wishes to travel to Asia." — Mr and Mrs Jones, NSW, January 2017

"The trip has been incredibly varied with every day being different and filled with amazing sights, sounds and smells. The tour has been absolutely fantastic and everything has gone very smoothly. Our guide was excellent; he had very good English and was very knowledgeable. He told us what we needed to know when we needed it and gave us plenty of personal space." — Brucks, Howrah TAS , September 2016

"China as a whole was a great place, but my Yangtze River was a highlight for me. I have an affiliation with water and loved the river cruising. As a child I loved boats and the river life with all its wonders and changing scenery." — Ms Cook, Melbourne Vic, July 2016
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