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Iran is rich in history and has established a great civilisation over thousands of years. There are many amazing monuments that you won’t want to miss visiting. The landscapes are stunning as well and so varied. From subtropical dense forests to beautiful plains, rugged mountains and two of biggest deserts in the world are in Central and Eastern Iran. Welcome to the hidden world of Iran. Travel through this fascinating country to discover refined Islamic cities, colourful bazaars, ancient Persian ruins, fascinating nomads, and shimmering deserts.

Ancient towns that date back to the Silk Road era, elaborate mosques that beam out the evocative call to prayer and modern cities where fashion-conscious youth rub shoulders with conservative elders – it’s time to demystify the misconceptions about Iran! Exquisite palaces, domed mosques, brilliant bazaars and gracious people all make Iran a true travel gem.

Whether relaxing in a teahouse in Tehran or breaking bread with nomads on the harsh Iranian plateau, the warmth and hospitality of the Iranian people is endearing and the profound beauty of their land is mesmerising. But don’t believe us… come and experience the splendour of Iran yourself!

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Iran Tour Itineraries

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

Highlights of the Golden Cities

9 Days, from AU $2,599

This tour is perfect for you if you want to dive into the history of Persia and explore the famous 3 Golden cities Shiraz, Isfahan and Yazd. The tour includes historical monuments and famous world heritage sites.

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Unforgettable Iran

15 Days, from AU $3,988

Dazzling Islamic architecture, stunning Silk Road cities, fascinating mud brick villages and super friendly Iranians.

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Iran North East

9 Days, from AU $2,356

This 9 day trip takes you to the North-East of Iran. Away from the beaten tourist paths, you can enjoy the Iranian culture, traditional Persian cuisine, vibrant cities and a variety of historical and cultural sites.

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Iran: Women's Expedition

12 Days, from AU $3,495

A unique opportunity to discover the customs, food, challenges and lives of local women of Iran through a range of experiences otherwise off limits to our normal mixed gender groups.

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Iran Adventure in a small group tour

14 Days, from AU $3,595

Be mesmerised by the richness of Iranian culture and scenery on this 14 days tour.

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Multi-Country Tour Itineraries with Iran

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

The Jewels of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran

24 Days, from AU $5,203

Beginning in Tashkent, we travel via the Silk Roads cities of Samarkand and Bukhara into the surreal world of Turkmenistan. Nomadic stays, mountain villages and dazzling Islamic architecture in Iran complete your adventure.

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"What an adventure! 15 days in Iran. Rich in history, culture, diverse landscapes and religions (yes, it’s called the Islamic Republic of Iran and follow Shi’a Islam but has proud Zoroastrian, Christian Armenian, Sunni Muslim and Jewish communities). Populated by friendly family-oriented people and completely safe. Iran should be on everyone's bucket list!" — Mr and Mrs Behardien, Ramsgate NSW, September 2018

"I had an amazing time on my tour in Iran! The people, especially the women interestingly enough, were so friendly, welcoming and helpful. They loved having tourists come to their country and the atmosphere was not at all oppressive or dangerous. I actually miss being over there, I made friends and still keep in touch with people. Thanks for all your help with organizing the tour, and answering all my questions. Everything went smoothly." — Maria, Adelaide, April 2018

"No sign of any demonstrations- the guides nor any drivers have seen any - just media hype. We feel very safe, our guide is fantastic- loving every day in this fabulous country. Western toilets everywhere, hotels are great. Thank you for organising our private tour. We are both loving it in Iran. " — Mrs Spanos and Ms Fischer, Sydney, January 2018

"Just a note to let you know we are really having a fabulous time in Iran. The people are so gracious, polite and helpful. We went to Persepolis and it was very interesting. The food is AMAZING and very cheap. Our guide is fabulous. I am so pleased we came. Thank you for your help Getaboutasia " — Mr and Mrs Martin, Sydney, October 2017

"Trip was incredible! Iran has such an interesting history, beautiful architecture in all the mosques and palaces, and the people were so friendly! The tour was well organized and our guide was great. Thanks for all your help with the organization on this end! :) Definitely recommend! " — Laura and Anne, Sydney, October 2017

"Davood is a master guide. He is a guide's guide. Physically, mentally and spiritually the 11 day tour he conducted for my wife and me was fulfilling and rewarding. He kept us well fed and paced the long drives from Shiraz though Bishapur, Persepolis, Pasagardae, Isfahan, Kashan and Teheran, with coffee and snacks laid out on the roadside in unique spots and memorable locations. It wasn't just the palaces, the mosques, the shrines, the museums and the archaeological sites that he took us to but it was the enthusiasm and resilience that he brought to the tour. His care and concern for us showed he respected us as individuals. Moreover while his preparations and knowledge of each site was extensive and his English most precise he also was open to our perspectives. Davood clearly loves Iran and his love was infectious. Iran and all its glorious culture now occupies a central place in our hearts." — Mr and Mrs Davidson, Sydney, April 2017

"Thanks so much for organizing the most epic trip of a lifetime. I simply could not have ever imagined such an incredibly rich travel experience. Many people here in Australia followed my posts and my journey, and the exquisite beauty of the country has left many asking about travel to Iran. Thanks again and will very likely be in contact with you again in the future." — Dan Swan, Perth, January 2017

"You did a superb job in arranging our mind blowing trip to Isfahan. It is a city of such beauty, its culture, timeless, I cannot believe that we haven’t discovered it before. Thank you, for making our trip, smooth, without stress, leaving us with a sense that we would go back in flash." — Mr and Mrs Saltearn, Sydney, November 2016

"We all really enjoyed the trip so thank you for the organisation. On the whole it was a great experience. Discussions along the way with each share of the individual reading built a memorable experience so I personally feel enriched, stimulating research and further interest in Iran." — Jocelyn, Adelaide, October 2016

"Iran was like no country we had experienced before, extraordinary history, art and architecture, a mix of modern Europe and Aladdins village! The most memorable experiences were of the warm, friendly, interested and welcoming Iranians combined with the historic remains of places such as Persepolis and the old bazaars." — John & Monica, Monavale , May 2016
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