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Just think Mongolia and images of wild horses galloping across the mountain steppes immediately spring to mind. Experience the raw beauty and traditional ways of remote Mongolia. Hidden from the world for many years, it is hard to imagine that this secluded country once created the largest land empire ever known. Fantastic geographical diversity, pristine grasslands, crumbling ruins and roaming herdsmen riding tough Mongolian horses - see it all on this journey through a land that time almost forgot.

Eight hundred years after Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes exploded from the east in an orgy of violent conquest, this distant land in the heart of Asia still resonates with echoes from a different time. And even today, outside of the capital, Ulaan Baatar, you will feel as though you are travelling in another century.

If you delight in the emptiness of the unspoiled wilderness and relish the challenge of exploring what for a long period was regarded as the 'end of the earth', Mongolia is the adventure for you. In a country where 30% of the population live in nomadic tribes, sleeping in a circular felt ger - or yurt, as they are known in much of Central Asia - is just one way to experience local life. From the mountains of the north to the Gobi desert in the south, this vast, stunning country is awash with dramatic mountain scenery, spectacular deserts, a fascinating and ancient culture, and a warm and welcoming population.

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Mongolia Tour Itineraries

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

Highlights of Central Mongolia and Gobi

8 Days, from AU $3,160

Explore the best Central Mongolia and the Gobi desert have to offer. This 8 day adventure takes you to national parks, ancient monasteries, giant sand dunes and buzzing capital Ulaanbaatar.

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Highlights of South Gobi - in a small group tour

8 Days, from AU $2,627

Stay in traditional Ger houses, discover the capitol city of the Mongolian empire, visit Buddhist monasteries, explore the Gobi Desert by 4x4 and take in the stunning landscape of the Gobi Gurvan Saikhan.

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Mongolia's Naadam Festival Group Tour

12 Days, from AU $5,765

Celebrate the Naadam Festival like a local, stay in the cosy traditional tents at a Ger Camp and travel across the vast expanses of the Gobi Desert to see its Flaming Cliffs in this 12 days Group Tour.

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Gobi Desert and Ancient Capital Karakorum Tour

11 Days, from AU $6,440

Familiarize yourself with the Nomadic way of life and experience the fascinating cites of the Gobi Desert on this 11 day tour.

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Naadam Festival and Gobi Desert Tour

9 Days, from AU $5,824

Witness the traditional Mongolian Naadam festival and familiarize yourself with the nomadic lifestyle while exploring the Gobi Desert.

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Mongolia Stopover Tour

7 Days, from AU $2,219

Landscape and cultural sightseeing blend easily in Mongolia – you will have the chance to visit families of nomads, remote Buddhist monasteries and traditional events.

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The Blue Pearl - Lake Khuvsgol

3 Days, from AU $615

A stunning new panorama greets you at the top of every rise, you feel you could point your camera in any direction and take a prize-winning photograph. Welcome to the "Blue Pearl" of Mongolia, the freshwater lake Khovsgol.

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Nomads' Day Festival Tour

10 Days, from AU $3,939

Get a glimpse of a real Nomads competition at the Nomads’ Day Festival, experience the traditional Mongolian ger camps and witness the last remaining wild horses in their natural habitat on this 10 day trip.

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Multi-Country Tour Itineraries with Mongolia

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

Trans-Siberian Railway: Beijing to Moscow

18 Days, from AU $9,406

Travelling across the breadth of China, Mongolia and Russia on board the Trans Siberian and Mongolian railways is a must. For sheer distance, intrigue and the sense of personal satisfaction, no other train journey comes anywhere near it.

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The Trans-Siberian Adventure

15 Days, from AU $7,156

The legendary Trans- Siberian train is definitely the most popular train journey in the world. Experience the endless steppes and wilderness of Mongolia, bustling city of Beijing and blue pearl of Russia, the lake Baikal.

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"Mongolia was sensational ! The home stays were definitely a highlight Loved the White Lake area as well Also nights in the Gers with the fire going and my red wine with a book was perfect. " — Mr Adams, Sydney, August 2019

"We had the most phenomenal time and certainly took more than our fair share of photos! We had a fabulous unique 3 weeks in Korea, Russia and Mongolia!A highlight was the eagle and events of the Naadaam festival ! Thanks for helping create a trip that my mum and I loved and will cherish our memories for many years to come. " — Deborah, Sydney, July 2019

"It was really good - the driver and guide were really nice and professional as well. Weather was great for us. There was a lot of driving on dirt roads which were not in good condition, but we have done 4wd trips and so wasn't too bad. Hotel was really good and Ger Camps pretty set up- one even had an ensuite. " — Mr and Mrs Taylor, Leederville, WA, August 2018

"We loved our private trip to Mongolia – the quality of ger camps were excellent, our guide Mr. Chinguun was brilliant and everything ran like clockwork with transfers, great driving and comfortable modern flights in between. We even had an experience with local sharman and food was great. We are happy to recommend Getaboutasia to anyone." — Mr & Mrs Mitchell, Yamba, July 2018

"Thank you for your help, they picked us up at the airport and started the tour from there, even though our flight delayed, we were happy with all the arrangements. We saw a lot in a week and it was interesting to see how locals live. " — David, Sydney, August 2018

"We finished the Trans-Mongolian-Siberian! China was great – very interesting. Mongolia was wonderful and the experience of living in Ger camp was great. In Russia the tradition culture show was eye opening, our tour guide also managed to get Ballet show at State Theatre for Swan Lake, which was bonus. Wonderful tour, well organised!" — Lily, Sydney, June 2018

"Some feedback on our trip to Mongolia - The train was very good and their food was pretty tasty actually. We met people who were staying for three weeks and going up into the NW region for the Eagle Festival, riding horses in the mountains etc. The memorial to Ghengis Khan is wonderful. This is their horse headed old musical instrument. " — Mr and Mrs Martin, Sydney, October 2017

"Mongolia the people were so generous and we really felt looked after ! Russia is interesting. We are in Ekaterinburg now. We have loved the train. Irkutsk was interesting and our guide and driver good. Not too cold and not busy so a great time of year to go. The scenery from Beijing to Irkutsk was amazing. About half way from Irkutsk to Ekaterinburg you see forests and bogs and lakes. So the scenery has been better than I thought and the trains Can't wait for Moscow! Fantastic hotels too " — Mrs and Mrs Cameron, Perth WA, May 2017

"I found the people in Mongolia especially friendly & I love the time we spent there. One guide that went out of his way to show us his culture in Ulaanbaator, as an extra he came & pick us up in his own car to go to an amazing concert of Mongolian singing, dancing & playing an amazing array of traditional musical instruments. " — Jill, Melbourne, Vic , May 2015
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