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The ancient country of Uzbekistan is arguably the most fascinating of the Central Asian republics. A key link on the Silk Road connecting Beijing with Istanbul, it contains some of the oldest towns in the world, such as the legendary cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.

Historically, some of the most influential and savage conquerors came and ruled these lands, such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, and influences from Huns, Turks and Arabs can still be seen today. However, Uzbekistan's golden age was under Tamerlaine in the 14th century AD, who made Samarkand his capital and left a breathtaking architectural legacy including mosques, madrassahs and majestic Registan Square.

Today, the old atmosphere of the Silk Road still survives in the oriental bazaars of Margilon, Andijon and Samarkand and the exotic tea houses where the many nationalities of Central Asia gather together wearing their colourful traditional clothes.

As of 1 Feb 2019 it will be 30 days visa free for Australian passport holders.

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Uzbekistan Tour Itineraries

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

On The Great Silk Road Group tour

12 Days, from AU $2,275

Uzbekistan is a treasure of travel experiences. There is so much to see. Explore this fascinating country with our 11-day itinerary. Learn about the history and meet local people.

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Uzbekistan: The Heart of the Silk Road

14 Days, from AU $5,479

Colourful markets, stunning architecture, ancient Silk Road cities, mountain home-stays, silk weaving, rural villages, Soviet cities, friendly Uzbekis.

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Discovery of Uzbekistan

13 Days, from AU $3,545

Discover the historical, cultural and natural aspects of this pristine country in a small group tour.

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Multi-Country Tour Itineraries with Uzbekistan

All GetAboutAsia itineraries are customisable to suit your interests, budget and timeframe. To get you started we've listed some of our favourites below. Our Asia Travel Experts are waiting to answer your questions.

Historic Highlights of Central Asia

17 Days, from AU $3,854

Explore medieval blue-domed cities, ancient bazaars and rugged landscapes. Central Asia encapsulates the romance of the Silk Road like nowhere else. Follow the paths of Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan and Timur.

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Discover Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia

15 Days, from AU $4,625

Extend your stan adventure by exploring the Asian edges of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia drenged in history offering magnificent mountainous views.

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Central Asia Explorer in a Small Group Tour

17 Days, from AU $3,168

Be entranced by the beauty and the wonder of Central Asia on this 17-day tour from the capital of Kyrgyzstan to the heartland of Uzbekistan.

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Wild Kyrgyzstan

18 Days, from AU $4,875

Beginning in Tashkent, we travel through the Uzbek & Kyrgyz Fergana Valleys and marvel at the imposing Kyrgyzstan mountains. Eagle Hunting and Yurt stays in Tash Rabat and Song Kul round off this Wild Kyrgyzstan Adventure.

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The Jewels of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran

24 Days, from AU $5,203

Beginning in Tashkent, we travel via the Silk Roads cities of Samarkand and Bukhara into the surreal world of Turkmenistan. Nomadic stays, mountain villages and dazzling Islamic architecture in Iran complete your adventure.

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Silk Road Explorer

16 Days, from AU $4,547

The Silk Road cities of Kashgar, Samarkand and Bukhara were famed trading centres in ancient times. Discover magnificent architecture and bustling bazaars on this spectacular journey to the heart of Central Asia.

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8-day trip in Kyrgyzstan

8 Days, from AU $2,334

Get a glimpse of the impressive mountainous views, the historical buildings dating back to the 11th century and immerse yourself in the traditional nomads life in Uzbekistan.

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"We had a wonderful 2 months in Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan! Our guides were all excellent and we enjoyed our time with them.Our Iranian guide was excellent 10/10. We both loved Iran. The history of the 9 countries was amazing and don't think we will ever completely understand it all. Needed lots of homework! The people, the food, the sites, hotels were really good and only a couple of cultural hiccups that were easily fixed locally. Thank you for arranging. " — Vivienne and Trish, Canberra, October 2019

"Uzbekistan was a fascinating place on the silk road and we are looking forward to returning to other Stans in 2020. The people are lovely and architecture is great." — Mr and Mrs Cumming, Sydney, April 2019

"Wonderful trip and your arrangements went without a hitch. Our guide Diana was the most knowledgeable, patient and charming. The group became a cohesive unit and we ate together in restaurants all the time. The meals were very cheap. The history, culture and monuments are inspiring and I have returned determined to learn more about Central Asian history. " — Diane, Sydney, May 2019

"We enjoyed Uzbekistan for the second time. The silk road history is fascinating and architecture is incredible! The drivers and guides were good and then we also enjoyed Turkmenistan crater, Kyrgyzstan and Iran on this trip!" — Mr and Mrs Culbard, Melbourne, April 2019

"Uzbekistan is very interesting with lots of very well preserved old cities and buildings. Khiva was wonderful. A real Silk Road flavour still. The guide said they are going to reconstruct the outer wall as it was originally and build more hotels for tourists. They are also building a fast train to connect the major cities. The driving distances are long at present. A 20th century mosque and a more modern one in Khiva. " — Mr and Mrs Martin, Sydney, October 2017

"Bukhara, Kiva, Samarkand (Uzbekistan) were our favourites, impressive sightseeing, colourful historical buildings and friendly people, we had a great time! Hotels and guides were good." — Family Froidevaux & Berton, Victoria, July 2015
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